New Orleans personal injury and mass tort lawyers

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The Law Offices of Frank D’Amico, Jr., represent clients from all over the United States who have been injured because of the careless or intentional actions of others. The firm has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases and has developed specific areas of expertise within the personal injury realm.

In each of these practice areas, claims are fully investigated so the case’s strengths and weaknesses are clearly defined, allowing substantial time in order to develop different theories of liability and recovery. Attorneys and staffers work with each and every client, explaining what is happening and why it is happening so they are able to make fully-informed decisions regarding their cases. It is the firm’s mission to recoup the maximum recovery for its clients but also to do it in a way that alleviates stress for them. Though clients are very much involved in the process, it is the attorneys and staff who take on the burden of a successful resolution.

While each case is prepared thoroughly for trial, more often than not, settlement offers are made by defendants in attempt to avoid trial. All settlement offers are submitted to the client, who has the final word in deciding whether it is acceptable. Attorneys will assess each offer with the client so that the client’s decision is an informed one. The Law Offices of Frank D’Amico, Jr., work only in the best interest of the client. The goal is to always maximize recovery for you.