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    A wrongful death suit can be the result of many different types of negligence.

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    Laparoscopic Power Morcellation used for removal of uterus or uterine fibroids the procedure poses risk of spreading undetected cancerous tissue in women with unsuspected cancer.

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June 8, 2015 is the deadline to file a BP economic and property damages claim under the 2012 Deepwater Horizon Economic & Property Damages Settlement. You may be eligible for compensation if you resided or operated a business located in the yellow, purple, red or gray areas on the following map. However, if you do not file by the mentioned deadline, you lose your right to compensation.

Please do not waste any time and file now!


ATTENTION: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Subscribers &
Healthcare Providers

Our firm is currently handling Anti-Trust cases against Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for conspiring across the country to illegally stifle competition.

The case was originally filed in 2012 by an Alabama Chiropractor and consolidated similar suits brought by individuals go to pharmacy insured by Blue Cross and healthcare providers. The lawsuit alleges in detail that the defendant Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which are independent companies, agreed with each other to carve the United States into “service areas” in which only one Blue plan can sell health insurance and contract with healthcare providers. This practice known as “horizontal market allocation” which is illegal.

If you or someone you know is a health care provider or insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, please contact our office without delay at 504-525-7272.

Need an attorney you can trust?

Don’t wait – contact Frank D’Amico, Jr., The Strong Arm for legal representation in your personal injury case – 504-525-7272.

The Law Offices of Frank D’Amico, Jr., was founded in 1986 by Frank D’Amico, Jr., a graduate of Loyola University and a life-long resident of New Orleans. Though our headquarters are in New Orleans, we represent clients from all over the United States who have been injured through the careless or intentional actions of another person and/or product.

By associating with local law firms and those throughout the United States, we are able to provide our superior legal services to all clients who are in need. Frank D’Amico, Jr. and his associates represent “the strong arm of the law”, and are always ready to help you get what you deserve for the injuries you have received. The firm has successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases and has developed specific areas of expertise within the personal injury realm.

If you want the finest legal representation for your personal injury case, do not hesitate to contact our office. We can handle your personal injury case, no matter the venue in the United States, and we can provide you with the level of representation that you deserve.

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